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Jo Koy Says There’s Still Love Between Him, Chelsea Handler Post-Split

And ahead of their milestone of being together for a year, Chelsea describes their relationship as being “pretty awesome,” adding that “he’s the best.” Koy, 51, and Handler, 47, announced their split last month after nearly a year of dating, but it sounds like there’s still plenty of respect between them. “Her and I have been friends forever, and it’s just like, we’re at that stage where we just realized that being friends is best,” Koy said Thursday during a visit to the 3rd hour of TODAY.

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy: A Timeline of the Comedians’ Relationship

You know that saying of the best relationships being rooted in friendship? “Just because it’s a breakup doesn’t mean we have to, like, hate.” Tara is a seasoned freelance journalist based out of Austin, Texas. She loves all things Bravo and considers herself a Real Housewives aficionado.

When Glennon Doyle, the host of the podcast We Can Do Hard Things, interviewed her, Chelsea finally spoke out about the conflict between her and Jo. Chelsea refused to say where exactly they differed, only that she couldn’t bend to suit Jo’s needs. When she realised the relationship had no future, she called it quits. Chelsea had a very short-lived relationship with 50 Cent in 2011.

Details on Jo Koy’s relationship history — from his prior marriage, to his romance with Chelsea Handler.

“Who had the real crush here? This was shocking for me to see.” Handler and Koy have been friends for over 15 years, with Koy revealing on the podcast that they met through comedian John Lovitz. Handler and Koy later went on to work together for years as Koy often appeared on the panel on Handler’s late-night talk show “Chelsea Lately,” which ran on E! The now-couple praised their chemistry at the time, with Koy calling it “amazing.”

Dottie Zicklin (of Dharma & Greg) and Julie Larson were creators and executive producers. Handler served as executive producer, along with Tom Werner (of That ’70s Show), Mike Clements (of The Life & Times of Tim), and Tom Brunelle . That is reasonable to expect to some extent, especially at first.

Summer 2021: Chelsea Handler begins appearing in Jo Koy’s Instagram videos

Handler discussed her relationship with Koy during an interview with E! News, including what eventually helped her open up to a romance with the comedian and author. “I had gone a long time without ever sitting down to contemplate or reflect. And therapy changed that,” she explained. “It gives you the gift of self-awareness. I would never have been open to dating Jo Koy unless I had had therapy.”

When she’s not watching reality tv, you can find her cuddled up with her puppy Norm by the pool, enjoying the latest NYTimes fiction best seller. Talking about what the future holds for their friendship, Jo said, “We’re great friends, and that’s how it will always be. I’ll always champion for her, and she’ll always champion for me — and we’re gonna win, everyone wins.” Jo Koy was spotted with a mystery woman in September, less than a month after breaking up with Chelsea Handler. “I understand the wanting to avoid that, the avoidance of wanting to look in with that,” she explained, “and I think I’m at a place in my life that I have to be with somebody who is where I’m at with that.

Is Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler still dating? Totally About Their Partnership

“There has to be some accountability from him about what happened because it was just ridiculous, and I don’t think we can have a friendship until there’s some accountability and some responsibility taken,” she concluded. Though Chelsea described their split as a “break,” it does not appear as if the two have ever reconciled. For his latest special, which clocks in at a cool 74 minutes, Jo is discussing his pandemic experience, sleep apnea, his teenage son, and his mom.

“I just don’t wanna really comment on it any further because it turns into a headline,” she told host Alex Cooper. “And I’m not promoting a breakup from six months ago. I’m here to talk about all the other things I’m doing. And I understand people are interested, but it’s just like, it’s run out of gas.” The pair enjoyed another vacation for Handler’s 47th birthday. She shared an Instagram video of their festivities, which included Handler skiing down a mountain topless.

The series was planned to be based on the story of two “woke” superhero best friends, Tigra and Dazzler, as they fought for recognition. However, in December 2019, Rivinoja and the series’ writers departed the project after creative differences, leaving Handler and Loeb remaining on the production team. In October 2017, Handler had partnered with TNT to develop a potential drama series based on Jarrett Kobek’s book, I Hate the Internet, as executive producer, together with Studio T, Studio 8’s Katherine Pope, Michael Morris, and Kobek. The series will examine the phenomenon of internet discussions and dialogues and what impact it has on one’s values and relationships.